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Increasing Life Literacy for
Increased Quality of Life

Money challenges can hinder individuals from pursuing their authentic self and from focusing on their quality of life.
Too often are many in this world ruled or limited by the state of their finances.
Time to take different approach

Not Just Another Number

You are important. You are here to fulfill your purpose and be happy


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Life Literacy & Holistic Living

How to start taking control of your life

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We Take A Different Approach to Achieving Life Success

Your mindset and values dictate what you spend your money on…are they currently serving or benefiting you?  Are you surviving or thriving? Are you where you want to be in life? Do you feel trapped by responsibilities and expectations that dictate your life? What if you could tap into methodologies that would propel you to the life that you deserve? What if you were given money principles that could be deployed through daily practical application? What if you were able to become rich, be stress-free, and increase quality of life by having a well-rounded approach to living?



YouTube Videos

We develop vital content that provides information in small bite-sized portions and motivation to stay the course.


We offer publications on Amazon.com in print and audio formats in two languages; English and Spanish.

Community Support

We are available to answer questions and love constructive feedback. Please take time to complete surveys related to our products and services .

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We will be offering course content in training formats and blended learning. Please check back as we will place link here so you can view full curriculum.

Our Most Recent Publication

Bringing Home The Bacon is the book series many wish they had decades ago. This life-changing book takes money, wealth, prosperity and happiness to a whole new level.


About Us

We Are The2Sisters...

Let us introduce ourselves. My name is Jheannine and my sister is Victoria and together we are The2Sisters. We are lovers of Humanity and whole-heartedly believe in effectual and positive world change. We have over 20 years' experience in life coaching, strategy, leadership, financial literacy and continuous improvement. As change agents, our focus has been to present a liberating money manifesto. Our goal is to promote life literacy, economic equality and solidarity in community through a full holistic approach.

All Life

Is Important


Lead Us


Is Key



From the very beginning, ‘Bringing Home the Bacon’ began to open my mind about things I had thought of, but not understood or put together in my life. By opening my mind to some truths, the book has helped me with what is necessary to see and accept to be and do better. In combination with the website, the book has helped me both in my understanding of myself, my awareness, and of my financial health.
R Matute
Professional Consultant
I was at the lowest point in my life when I started my journey with The2Sisters. I had no meaning or purpose and couldn’t figure out how to get out of my rut. The videos, pamphlets, books, and community have helped me make meaningful, positive changes that have improved my quality of life. I can now make sound decisions about my emotional and physical health, finances, relationships, and steps I need to take to fulfill my purpose. It is one of the best decisions I have ever made.
H Doyle
Ceramic Art Designer
My eyes have been opened to so much. Everything that I have seen from these two have been very easy to learn. They know how to take concepts and break them down into small bites for consumption and turn them into simple relatable life topics. I have learned so much and grown so much after experiencing this vital information. More of life literacy is needed in this world so ‘we’ can all be better humans.
J Johnston
Health Coach
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