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Know Better Do Better

Know Better Do Better

The2Sisters have derived and delivered some awesome content from their Know Better Do Better series of life literacy communications. The Hustle Cycle is focused on striving towards a goal focused on seeking or acquiring funds to a make a significant increase in quality of life or opportunities; working on a (come up) rise to the top financially by any means. As a reminder, everybody’s hustle is different but hustling should not be a long term solution. The Winner’s Circle is a place in life designated for successful individuals that have worked to increase overall quality of life and achieved levels of financial freedom through rational and strategic decision-making. Everybody’s ‘win’ is different; You should never try to match someone else’s win but you should want to be in the winner’s circle. But you should always be looking for the next opportunity for you to work smarter not harder.

Your story is not fully written…Let’s start a new chapter.

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